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QualisUp Store saved me thousands of dollars for my DIY remodel!

This little Store saved me thousands of dollars for my DIY remodel! This is based on quotes I received from local painters. After seeing it recommended by several DIY blogs, I was scared to use a sprayer and after watching youtube videos and seeing how easy it was to use, I took the plunge! It took some practice but it cut my time in half if not more. I used it for bifold closet doors, bedroom doors, kitchen cabinets, drawers, baseboards and trim, window trim. Yes, my whole carriage house was a honey oak dream! It's worth the price. Just make sure you keep it clean, I used Q-tips in between breaks every 10-15 minutes and wiped off the sprayer hole where the paint builds up and clogs. Trust me, if you don't keep the sprayer clean and wash and scrub it throughout the day, you won't get a good spray. It's also very important to do the paint test. You don't want it too thick. Check out before and after photos. Everything you see painted white, was oak and I used the sprayer and a roller on some.

Valerie Smith

Today I bought a Paint Roller from you.

Good quality for the price. Don't expect these to be high-grade mechanic tools or anything but they get the job done for your average occasional use.
QualisUp is a very useful website for Home Improvement Tools.

Emilio Belly

Love, love, love!

I love this sprayer! I used it today to paint my kitchen cabinet doors. Everything came out so smooth. What would have probably taken me days, only took a few hours and that included drying time between coats. I also purchased the spray tent which was a great lifesaver since I wanted to do the job in the garage. I had an idea to put a quart size ziploc bag in the paint well and it made cleanup so easy. Everything still screwed on tight. The sprayer is a bit noisy so plan accordingly. It's pretty easy to clean considering how much time it just saved you. I highly recommend it to anyone who is painting their kitchen. I've done it by hand before and my only regret is that I didn't buy this sprayer sooner!

Samuel E

Love it 

My husband bought me this set for Christmas since I wanted to get into building things on my own. Tackled my first project completely with this set... made a recycled pallet deck with cheap treated fence post planks and a flower box to go along the side. It’s not perfect but it’s sturdy and these tools helped me get it done all by myself :) the saws only come with one blade each so you’ll need to get some more there but over all happy with this set especially for the price.

Andy Camil

Good value, great selection of Tools.

These are a good value for the money. I don’t waste money on really expensive tools like this because they usually get lost before they get worn out. So periodically, I just bought a kit like this and this one is very complete and a very good value.

Christopher Firman